Barramundi Fishing Charters in the Northern Territory

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Australia’s Northern Territory is quite possibly the best place to catch the country’s most famous fish: the barramundi. A beautiful, sizable fish, the barramundi is an exciting species to pursue if you’re looking for a big catch. The waters around the territory and Darwin also offer fantastic blue water fishing, but knowing where, when and how is crucial for success and safety. Join Darwin Barra Fishing Tours for the best fishing experience of your life!
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About Darwin Barra Fishing Tours

Darwin Barra Fishing Tours was established in 1989 by John Dagan, an accredited and licensed Northern Territory and Kakadu National Park fishing tour operator. Still managing the company today, he’s no stranger to the waters around Darwin and has fished extensively in Queensland, the Gulf Country and the Kimberley.

Thanks to early experience as a stockman, John has extensive bush skills and an impressive understanding of the country and its wildlife. He’s explored more of Australia than most people and is providing an opportunity to catch amazing fish in gorgeous locations. You can also discover the remote fishing camps known only to professional guides.

Barramundi fishing

Around 20 pounds is a common weight for the barramundi on the old scale, but due to the increasing management of fishery in the Northern Territory, barramundi of over 40 pounds aren’t actually that uncommon. Many beginners end up catching these massive fish their first try; check out our photo gallery for evidence!

Barramundi can typically be caught by trailing lures behind your boat or casting them into a surprisingly wide spectrum of locations, from tributaries and drains to wetlands and mangroves. Getting an instant pinch and wrestling a cartwheeling barramundi is no doubt one of the brightest fishing highlights. 

Fishing tours you’ll remember

Whether it’s chasing barramundi in billabongs and rivers or catching Black Jew Fish, Golden Snappers, Spanish mackerel and many more on the stunning offshore reefs, Darwin Barra Fishing Tours has the perfect trip to satisfy all of your fishing desires.

You’ll also get to witness many of the unforgettable sights in the Northern Territory, from sharks weaving the rivers and crocodiles preying on birds, to flying foxes and roaming buffalo. All of this on top of the country’s history and its people will make for the best fishing tour you could ask for.

For more information on our fishing tours in the Northern Territory, call 08 8931 0031

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